Rancho Guajome Adobe in Vista

This is Rancho Guajome Adobe, a Spanish Rancho built in Vista, California. It appears to have been built mostly from building materials taken from the Mission San Luis Rey in Vista and it belonged to a Spanish Family. It was liberated from the Spanish and became a Mexican holding. It is now a park that … Read more

Carlsbad Flowers

I started walking every morning to try to get more exercise. I work at a computer everyday, and have been sitting at my desk long hours while working, so having some daily activity seemed like a good idea. My phone has a camera built into it, and I noticed things that I wanted to take … Read more

Mission San Luis Rey at Oceanside

The Mission San Luis Rey is known as the King of the Missions, and is one of the largest. It is located in Oceanside, California. It was built by the Spanish, who were colonizing California; and was later taken over by Mexico.

Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad

Along the coast of California are wetlands where marshgrass and birds and fish are born and grow in very robust ecosystems. Along the many coastal towns that make up North County San Diego are lagoons that separate those towns, and give nature a chance to grow, and tides to flow to and from the ocean … Read more